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Phase 1

Project Description

This client is local business based in California. They are located in a part of the city that is difficult to get to. It is not a location that customers casually pass by. That was one of the most difficult challenges - Getting new customers to drive out of their way to get to their location.

Their physical address also presented a unique challenge in ranking. They have other competitors that are geographically positioned in much more well-populated areas that are much more convenient for their customers. We needed to outrank their competitors.

Listening and understanding this unique set of challenges was the first step to success.

graph chart showing growth trend

Phase 2

Through extensive keyword research and comprehensive competitor analysis we were able to find target keywords that were not being taken advantage of in their market. That presented us with the opportunity to reach new customers by maximizing queries their customers are using in the geographic areas they are using them.

Based on the data graph above, we are able to demonstrate how our experience and true understanding of SEO and multiple other marketing efforts has been able to grow this client's performance on Google, Google Mobile and Google Maps.

Their revenue has now surpassed previous years and they are thriving.

Are you facing unique challenges in your market? We can help.

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  • Categories: : SEO
  • Completed: : 2021


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