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Success Stories

Below are examples of real results for real clients.

1) Project Description

This client is local business based in California. They are located in a part of the city that is difficult to get to. It is not a location that customers casually pass by. That was one of the most difficult challenges – Getting new customers to drive out of their way to get to their location.

Their physical address also presented a unique challenge in ranking. They have other competitors that are geographically positioned in much more well-populated areas that are much more convenient for their customers. We needed to outrank their competitors.

Listening and understanding this unique set of challenges was the first step to success.

graph chart showing growth trend

Through extensive keyword research and comprehensive competitor analysis we were able to find target keywords that were not being taken advantage of in their market. That presented us with the opportunity to reach new customers by maximizing queries their customers are using in the geographic areas they are using them.

Based on the data graph above, we are able to demonstrate how our experience and true understanding of SEO and multiple other marketing efforts has been able to grow this client’s performance on Google, Google Mobile and Google Maps.

Their revenue has now surpassed previous years and they are thriving.

2) Project Description

This Minnesota-based local business had been struggling for many years. Over the course of several phone calls and Zoom meetings we were able to gain a clear understanding of their goals and previous failed marketing efforts.

We performed extensive keyword research. We also did a deep dive into their competitors to gain an understanding of what other marketing efforts they were up against.

Based on the results of our conversations and research we created a data-based two-pronged strategy to begin building their business.

The purple line below tracks impressions on Google (ie how many potential customers saw their business in search queries).

Since we have started working with this client their impressions have been steadily increasing, meaning their business has been in front of more potential customers than it has been in their history.

analytics graph trend up

However, our work does not stop after the strategy is in place and producing results.

Just because this business is improving impressions and rank does not guarantee potential customers will click on their listing.

Based on our experience and extensive historical data, we devised a strategy to satisfy both Google as well as human customers to make the listing appealing to new customers using the tools within Google Business Profile.

As a result, their click-thru-rate (CTR) has increased in proportion to impressions. This is shown in the blue line in the above data graph from Google Search Console.

We continue to work with this client in order to be proactive with new user trends, new guidelines from Google as well as various other marketing “best practices”.

This client is doing very well and have seen some of the highest monthly revenue numbers since they opened their doors in 1983.

3) Project Description

This client is a local business based in the extremely crowded market of Chicago. They have competitors on the same street and multiple competitors within a 2 square mile radius.

The business had been performing poorly for a number of years. Then it was sold.

The new owners desperately needed help setting themselves apart.

We performed extensive keyword research and competitor analysis and used the data to create and implement an SEO strategy. As a result, we increased their impressions on Google (purple line in the below graph).

analytics graph trend up

Growing impressions is the first step.

However, it is not the end. Once we raised their business profile (getting their listing in front of more potential customers) it was important to give customers reasons to click their listing so we can also grow their click-through rate (blue line in the graph above).

After all, it is one thing to raise a business profile, but if no one clicks on the listing it is pointless.

Therefore, it was critical to guide this business through optimizing and maintaining their Google Business Profile. We have data that shows how critical this aspect of local SEO and marketing is to overall performance.